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July Chronicles: A Month in the Life of a Freelance Interpreter and Translator

Aug 18, 2023

Unraveling Tennis Mysteries and More

In the dynamic world of freelance interpreting and translating, every day is a new adventure. Over the past month, I found myself at the forefront of an investigation conducted by a world-renowned tennis association. Serving as an interpreter in this thrilling assignment, I found myself listening to secret tapes, decoding tennis terminology, and handling a diverse range of registers and dialects.

Sunday Surprise: A Last-Minute Suspect Interview with the Metropolitan Police

Sundays are typically reserved for relaxation, but they also hold surprises. Imagine a last-minute summons from the Metropolitan Police for an urgent suspect interview at 10 pm. The pressure was on, and I stepped up to the plate, providing Italian interpreting services. This whirlwind experience underscored the significance of adaptability, quick thinking… and coffee!

Speaking for Justice

I also delved into the world of legal translations, including witness statements, divorce documents, home insulation fraud cases, and domestic abuse cases. Here, my role as a certified translator extended beyond being a mere conduit of words. While providing Word document translations, official financial translations, technical document translations, or over the phone interpretation services, my role was about facilitating the pursuit of justice. Technical terms like “bank guarantee,” “escrow,” and “cavity wall insulation” became my forte, ensuring that every phrase and clause carried its intended weight. As always, in this field, a thorough preparation before each assignment is key to provide the best translation services and quality interpreting services.

A commitment to communication

This month served as a reminder that being a freelance interpreter is a privilege. It’s about acting as a bridge that unites people from diverse worlds. Whether it’s a serve on the tennis court or the pursuit of justice in a courtroom, the common threads binding these experiences are empathy, curiosity, and a commitment to the universal concept of “understanding.”

Written By Beatrice Carlini

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