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A Dynamic August: Balancing Legal Interpreting and Well-Deserved Breaks

Sep 16, 2023

August has come and gone, leaving me with a whirlwind of experiences as an interpreter. This month, I found myself immersed in the world of legal translations, navigating through divorce proceedings and child custody matters. Amidst the busy work schedule, I managed to sneak in some well-deserved holidays. Here’s a glimpse into my August journey.

Legal Translations Galore

August kicked off with a flurry of legal translations. Divorce cases and child care matters kept me on my toes. It’s fascinating how language can play such a pivotal role in these delicate situations. As an interpreter, my goal is not only to convey words accurately but also to capture the nuances and emotions that can make or break these cases. It’s a challenging yet rewarding part of my job, and I take great pride in helping clients navigate these difficult waters.

Telephone Interpreting: Breaking Down Language Barriers

In the age of globalization, communication knows no bounds. I found myself engaged in several telephone interpreting sessions this month. It’s incredible how technology has made it possible for individuals from different corners of the world to connect seamlessly. Whether it was assisting with legal consultations, medical discussions, or business negotiations, I witnessed firsthand how interpretation can bridge linguistic gaps and facilitate meaningful conversations.

Taking a Breather

As important as work is, I also understand the importance of taking breaks and recharging. August allowed me to unwind and rejuvenate. It’s essential to strike a balance between work and leisure, as it ensures that I can continue to provide quality services to my clients. So, I took some time off to explore new places, indulge in delicious cuisine, and simply relax.

Back to Business: Bank Statements and Regulations

After a rejuvenating break, I returned to the grind. This time, it was all about bank account statements. My clients needed these statements to comply with anti-money laundering regulations. Accuracy is of the essence in financial matters, and I left no stone unturned to ensure that the translations were precise and met the necessary requirements.

The Myth of Speaking All Languages

One question that often pops up during my interactions with clients is whether I provide interpretation services for all languages. While I’d love to be a linguistic superhero capable of speaking every language under the sun, the reality is different. Like all interpreters, I have my language specialties. It’s a common misconception that interpreters are polyglots who can effortlessly switch between any two languages. That’s simply not the case.

The Linguily Recommendation

For clients seeking interpretation in languages beyond my expertise, I always recommend professional agencies like Linguily ( This agency have a vast network of skilled interpreters and translators, each specializing in specific languages and fields. They ensure that you receive top-notch language services tailored to your unique requirements.

As August bids farewell, I reflect on the diverse experiences and challenges this month brought. Legal translations, telephone interpreting, holidays, and financial document translations—it’s been a rollercoaster ride. But through it all, my passion for breaking down language barriers remains unwavering. Until next time, here’s to the wonderful world of interpretation!

Written By Beatrice Carlini

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